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Experience the region's most extensive annual cultural and entertainment project in Global Village, a multicultural family destination offering a blend of entertainment, shopping, dining, and attractions right in the heart of Dubai. Journey through diverse world cultures as you explore themed pavilions featuring vibrant bazaars, authentic delicacies, and selfie spots. Experience world-class shows and cultural performances, carnival rides and arcade games, miniature replicas of historical landmarks, and a culinary feast from a selection of global cuisines.


  • Pavilions: Global Village features over 75 pavilions representing different countries and regions.
  • Entertainment Shows: The park offers a wide variety of live entertainment shows, including cultural performances, music concerts, dance shows, stunt performances, magic shows, and theatrical productions.
  • Cultural Exhibitions: In addition to the country pavilions, Global Village also hosts cultural exhibitions that provide insights into the traditions, history, and heritage of different nations.
  • Fireworks and Parades: Global Village often organizes stunning fireworks displays and parades, especially during special events and holidays.

Booking Policy

  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.
  • Tuesdays are family days when only families and women will be admitted to the Park.
  • Some Public Holidays (as announced by the UAE Government) are also declared as family days at Global Village, and you are advised to check the Global Village social media channels, the Website and the App for further information and various updates available at that time. Each entry ticket grants entry for one person only with no right of re-entry. A ticket is not valued if the code has already been scanned, has been tampered with or is out of date. Global Village will not refund the cost of entry tickets under any circumstances. Their re-sale, duplication or reprinting is prohibited. Offenders will be subject to legal liability. For safety reasons, children must wear safety wrist bands provided by Global Village at the Ticketing Booths and Information Kiosks.
  • Food and Beverages purchased outside the Park are not permitted inside the Park. Unaccompanied and lost children will be taken to the Lost Explorers Area inside “Gate of the World” until collected by parents. A service fee will be charged for the duration of the child’s stay. Global Village reserves the right to inspect all guests’ bags through the X-ray machine. Travel luggage/suitcases are not allowed in the Park.
  • Guests are responsible for their own belongings. Global Village is not responsible or liable for any personal item that is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • he Park is a tourist destination where filming and photography can take place at any time. By entering the Park you irrevocably consent to and authorize Global Village, its successors and assigns to photograph you and/or make sound recordings of you to use worldwide, for any purpose whatsoever, and in perpetuity, all such photographs and sound recordings to be the sole property of Global Village. If you wish to avoid the possibility of being photographed, please do not enter the Park or, if you do, express your wish to the filmmaker/photographer.

Cancellation Policy
# Deadline Hours Policy Hours
1 48 Hours 25% of total booking cost
2 28 Hours 50% of total booking cost
3 00 Hours 100% of total booking cost