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The Green Planet is the region’s first bio-dome that recreates the enchanting world of a tropical forest with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. The enclosed ecosystem, located at CITY WALK, offers visitors an immersive expedition into the tropics. The unique venue has 4 levels of interaction for visitor with fascinating animal and plant species to see from Sloths, Tucan's and Tree porcupines to South American plants, vines, reptiles, fish and insects. A great destination for families and guests of all ages.

The Green Planet is a bio-dome inviting visitors to explore Earth's fascinating flora and fauna through an immersive expedition into the tropics. Designed as an enclosed ecosystem, The Green Planet recreates the enchanting world of a tropical forest with over 3,000 plants and animals and the world’s largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree. Step inside The Bat Cave to meet some of nature's most thrilling and wondrous denizens. Touch an Emerald Tree Boa snake if you dare. Hear the distinctive calls of the wonderful variety of birds flying around Green Planet. Say hello to one of the two sloths living here who sleep between 15 and 20 hours every day. Watch the squirrel monkeys jump and climb using their very long tail to balance as they move from one tree to another. The educational and recreational facility raises awareness for the delicate balance of nature and the preciousness of one of our world’s oldest living ecosystems making it the ideal educational destination for the entire family. The Green Planet is set to inspire people of all ages and nationalities to learn about and care more for every single plant and animal that inhabits the earth. 


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Includes up to 4Hrs of free parking at City Walk underground parking

  • Our professionally trained and friendly staff will guide you through this experience and will happily answer all your questions on the living habitats  of these exotic animals
  • Professionally trained and friendly staff as a guide

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    • For Infants (under 2 years) we will require a proof of age. If at the time of entry, the infant is 2 or above, we will require the responsible adult to purchase a correct ticket at the gate.
    • Children under 13 years needs to be accompanied by an adult 18+ and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times and will not be allowed to leave The Green Planet Dubai without their parent or guardian
    • The Green Planet Dubai reserves the right to alter the opening and closing time, remove or cancel any part of the experience for any reason including but not limited to health and safety, operational issues, maintenance, special events and private functions

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